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Lobster Roll and Whoopie Pie Feast

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A pound of perfectly-cooked Maine lobster — renowned for its firm texture and sweet, juicy taste — is shipped fresh, never frozen, in a temperature-controlled shipper with six New England style split-top buns. and clarified butter for a decadent lobster roll feast.

And for dessert? Six whoopie pies. The official state treat of Maine, Whoopie Pies combine rich chocolate cake with a fluffy creamy filling for a taste unlike any other.

A surprising, luxurious way to send the East Coast anywhere.


  • Ocean-fresh lobsters, caught from 100% sustainable resources and never frozen.
  • All items separately packed in a temperature-controlled shipper to keep them cold and ready for immediate enjoyment

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Want to skip the Whoopie Pies? Order the best lobster rolls online. You make the lobster rolls the way you like and as big as you like. No need to skimp on the lobster meat. You add just the right amount of mayo yourself and grill and butter the buns. Includes simple instructions for how to make both classic lobster rolls and Connecticut style with hot butter at home. Two pounds of premium lobster meat, plus top split rolls to make up to 8 crustacean-packed sandwiches!

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Prefer your lobster rolls bite-sized? We found sweet Maine lobster and rich cheeses nestled between crisp buttered baguette slices to create the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. Behold, the perfect kickoff to a memorable gathering. And so easy to prepare. Just cut a slit in the plastic wrap and microwave for 30 seconds. Then place the sandwiches in a sauté pan and grill each side for 1-2 minutes or until golden brown. Serve lobster bites immediately.